20 April 2010

Spring Planting...It Has Begun!

Finally, the snow is gone! Our last snow was Friday but the heavy rain overnight melted it and it was time to get up early Saturday and get planting! I ran the ko-unki (roto-tiller) through the main garden spot and hoed a few rows. With a little bit of guidance from my J-Mom, the Jagaimo, Mayqueen, and Cherie varieties are in the ground, 40 meters worth!

Asparagus! It will take 2 years to yield so it was time to get them in the ground. Planted them right next to the Asatsuki (transplanted from the yama last year) and the Ginger (should yield in 2-3 months).

Chibi-Chan picking tanpopo (dandelion), Note the winter gear: Yes, it is still in the single digits here!

50 meters of mixed wild flowers, Cosmos, Lavender, Sunflowers, and more! Hope this makes a nice view from the kitchen, attracts lots of bees for pollination throughout the farm, and nice flowers for cutting. Who knows, we may have enough to dry as well.


KenElwood said...

Nice job there.


Tom said...

Hey, Rick,

Glad we stumbled into each other.

Real, good stuff going on at your place. Very cool.

Hope one day to meet (and eat!) In the meantime, hope you won't mind that I've added you to the "Blogroll" at kitchengardenjapan

Let me know if no, and I'll take it down.

Happy hunting, happy planting,


Anonymous said...

Glad we got connected! Feel free to add a link (I will do the same this weekend). It's a small netwok of folks like us so every new connection is a good thing (not trying to get everyone involved, just like-minded folks).
Feel free to contact me at my personal email (ricktrick123 at hotmailthing)