18 November 2011

All-Japan Hunting season 2011-2012

Hi everyone! Hunting season is upon us here in Japan! Our national season started on November 15th. I have yet to make it to the mountain so far but will be in the woods starting tomorrow morning-look out Mr. Boar!!!!
Our "yugai-kujo" or population/pest control season just ended a 10 days ago. We had permits to kill 300 deer (either sex) and 50 boar. With the help of one of my Marine buddies we put two very good sized bucks in the freezer.
Not sure how much time I can put to the blog this season but I hope to get back up to full speed in the next few weeks (no promises though).
As always, if you are interested in hunting in Japan, please drop me a line. If you would like to swap some venison or boar meat for an item you have harvested/caught/or a local delicacy, please drop me an email.

See you in the Yama!
SK-1 OUT!!!