29 March 2011

The Crisis in Japan

I am sure everyone has seen the footage of the devastating Earthquake(s) and Tsunami(s) that have ravaged northeastern Japan over the last few weeks. Yabanjin has been on the move serving as a volunteer pathfinger/guide/translator, and all around red-tape-cutter for the US military. Check out the news footage of the USMC's "Task Force Fuji" to see our amazing work in clearing our Sendai Airport, and our efforts with USMC's IIIMEF (Forward) in delivering heating fuel, bottled water, and blankets. I just came back from some of the hardest hit areas (Sendai, Ishinomaki, and Miyako). I will not be blogging for a while, and have shifted my efforts and focus to keeping up awareness and supporting the relief effort. I will only be available on my Facebook page, so feel free to pop on over to FB for the latest info I have. (my Facebook Page is www.facebook.com/YabanjinDakara ) I would like to ask everyone to help keep the information flowing, the interest and support up, and for donations of time, sweat, equipment, materiel, and (of course) money if you can. There are a lot of reputable organizations out there that need our help! Thanks for your support! Yabanjin Out!