09 December 2008

the "Super House"

The "Super House" (in Japanese Katakana in the photo below) is my new shack! Since our property was devoid of all structures when we took over, everything must be raised from scratch. With a proper garage a year or two in the future, I needed a place to house my tools and field gear right away! The tools in the walk-in closet and laying around the house were actually getting on my nerves.
Enter the "Super House". This nifty little box is actually a portable construction office. The brother-in-law founds us a great deal on this (25 man Yen, or about $2500). He also delivered it and set it up with me. Not bad! about 8 feet by 18 foot interior with almost 8 foot ceiling, windows and doors, electrical hook up with breaker and outlet and fluorescent lights, and a vent. I already installed a secondary floor of particle board to supplement the fairly thin floor. This way my tool chests will not crash through! I am working on the interior shelving, work bench, and other items to make it a guy's shack (all my old-timer hunting buddies have their shacks to hang out in and talk trash! I'll post more pics when I finish the interior (it is still a work in progress!)

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