09 December 2008

SK-1 to the world...

One of the first items I needed to install in my new guy's shack (aka Super House) was my musen. This is actually an amateur HAM Radio. In Japan, US-style CB radios are not used but rather various HAM frequencies are used. We use both the 455.XXX band and the 144.XXX bands. Some are used for hunting, others are set aside for disaster management, and for the Mount Fuji Rescue Team. Now I can communicate with them all!
My set up is actually a mobile (for use in a vehicle) transceiver with an electric power supply. The secret to this set up is the 2 meter antenna I installed outside on the 4 meter pole. This gives the radio a full band to send and receive through (The frequencies we use are considered as 2 meter bands).
I actually obtained my US HAM radio operators' "Technician" level license while here in Japan! KI6IBR is my true call sign (but we use the SK designation symbolizing the combination of my wife's and my last names). I took the test in Nagoya 2 years ago with the Nagoya HAM club. This is now accepted in Japan and only a small amount of paperwork to get your Japanese license (always remember this is Japan so...)
Today I did an operations check in the pouring rain and communicated with my wife at from my kei truck parked outside my office (full time job) and she used the base station. it went something like this:

-"SK-2, this is SK-1. Radio Check, Over-"
-"SK-1, this is SK-2. Reading you Loud and Clear-"
-"Roger, Reading you Lima Charlie as well-"
-"SK-1 OUT!"

2m antenna on a 4m pole attached to the Super Shack...


KenElwood said...

Ha ! Nice HAM set-up in the new 'trash talkin' super house'. I've got to set me up one of them sheds too.

Down here on the Nobi Plain I’m officially East Bound & Down in my kei-van that is now replete with Transceiver Radio. I reckon it doesn't even compare to your powerful set-up there, but it's good fun between the wife, occassional trucker and I.

Check out my set-up here: http://kenelwood.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/east-bound/



W6EOD said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work!