06 December 2008

Got him!

Well, the naysayers are quiet tonight! I get a lot of strange looks and head shaking when the Japanese hunters realize I spend way too much time in the woods, studying tracks, trying to pattern the game, and sitting in my blinds and tree stand. It payed off this afternoon with this monster 9 or 10 year old buck that I was able to locate about 50 meters from where I sat last week. I am sure he is the one I saw on my way out of ther woods last week. Sure as clockwork, he rolled in about 45 minutes before sunset. After 2 long minutes of him freezing behind a clump of small trees, and me frozen behind the bush, he made the mistake of taking a step forward. I had his shoulder in my scope the entire time, waiting for him to give me the clear shot. That 20cm step was all it took. He dropped in his tracks and was dead before I made the slow and cautious 30 meter walk to him.
He got some revenge though, as my lower back is killing me from hoisting him into my "monster kei truck" by myself.
I am off to my buddy's garage to do kaitai (butchering) in a few minutes, after I eat my dinner but I was so excited I had to share the pictures below!

See you in the yama!



KenElwood said...

Whoa, good going on the buck ! Would love to eat some fresh venison. You're a lucky guy, SK-1.



Yabanjin Family said...

Thanks Ken!
If you email me a mailing address (Yamato Kuroneko) I will be glad to send you a package of venison. Always glad to share! Plus I have a couple of recipes I can share if you are new to venison.

Sika Slayer said...

Pretty cool...
I have been shooting the big ones up here in Hokkaido for a few years and have the pending top three SCI spots. You could mail me if you like..