14 November 2007

Hunting Season 2007-Opening Day!

Tonight is the night before the long awaited "Opening Day" for the 2007-2008 Japan Hunting Season! Like a kid on the night before Christmas, I know I cannot go to bed anytime soon because I will not be able to sleep. I am sure I will have the same dream that I have had dozens of times before...
that Monster Buck staring at me in the distance, stomping his foot in defiance, his breath visible in the cold air as he snorts at me and then walks off. I stand, frozen. Not because of the cold, but in awe of that magnificent animal!
I am sure that I will eventually fall asleep, moments before the alarm goes off, of course. I have already laid out my clothes and gear so I can get dressed in the dark. I have also re-checked it 5 times already, a few more to go I suppose. 0530 will come quickly so I better sign off for now.
SK-1 Out!