15 November 2007


What the heck is "ChinKaBa"?

Chinkaba is the best tasting venison soft salami you will ever eat! It is made from freshly harvested Japanese deer (Ezo-Jika) from Hokkaido, Japan and made in the traditional Russian "Kalpas" style. Special Mount Fuji Deer batches are also made. This is one of the most mild, yet flavorful soft salamis we have ever eaten. It is fully cooked during processing so you just need to slice and serve it. It has neither the "gamey" taste, or the hard texture that so many people are concerned about with wild game.

SK-2 designed our favorite way to eat Chinkaba: by placing slices of Chinkaba on a plate of fresh Camembert cheese slices, drizzling them with seasoned Italian olive oil, and dusting them with freshly cracked black pepper. We serve this at all of our parties and BBQs. Chinkaba is equally great with a bottle of red wine, or a cold beer! It is also a great topping for homemade pizza!

The name "Chinkaba" was designed by SK-1 and SK-2 using three classic Japanese characters (Kanji). The first character, 珍 , is pronounced "Chin" and means rare or unusual. The second character, 鹿, is pronounced "Ka" and is the Kanji used for deer (pronounced Shika). The third character, 椛, is pronounced "Ba" and is the Kanji used for Oak tree (pronounced Momiji) and is used to signify Deer Meat (nicknamed Momiji).
"Fuji-San No Fumoto Kara 富士山の麓から ": Original flavor straight from the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan!

SK-1 and his hunting team have partnered with a private sausage maker in Hokkaido to produce limited quantities of this fine salami. This is available for sale in Japan via the folks at "Yama Oyaji Outfitters" only. If you are interested in trying Chinkaba, please email me at ricktrick123@hotmail.com and will coordinate an order for you.

Please stop by the house, one of our events, and try some Chinkaba with us. We am sure you will love it!


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