13 November 2007

Hunting in Japan

There is hunting in Japan???

Yes there is! Quite good hunting at that! For us living in Japan, this is an incredible opportunity!

For those willing and able to go through the "Japanese System", study hard through the lectures and lessons, and pay the fees, it can be done. More about the "Japanese System" in another post.

In Japan there are excellent opportunities to hunt:

"Shika" (Japanese Sika deer, aka: Cervus nippon)
"Ezo-Jika" (Hokkaido Sika deer, aka: Cervus nippon yesoensis)
"InoShiShi" (Razor-back wild boar, aka: Sus scrofa)
"Kiji" (Green Pheasant, aka Phasianus versicolor)
"Yama-Dori" (Copper Pheasant, aka Syrmaticus soemmeringil, or Soemmering's pheasant)
"Kiji-Bato" (Rufous Turtle Dove, aka Streptopelia orientalis)
"Do-Bato" (Rock Dove, aka Columba livia, sometimes called simply "Hato")
"Kojukei (Chinese Bamboo Partridge, aka Bambusicola thoracica)
"Uzura" (Japanese Quail, aka Coturnix japonica)
"Kitsune" (Japanese Red Fox, aka Vulpes vulpes japonica)
"Tsuki-no-Waguma" (Asiatic (Crested) Black Bear, aka Ursus thibetanus japonica)
"Hi-Guma" (Hokkaido Brown Bear, aka Ursus arctos yesoenis)

I will try to post some photos of these magnificent animals, both in the wild, and after hunting.

See you in the Yama!



Colonel_Lucas said...

could you explain more about "The Japanese way?"

btw are you ex-USMC? i noticed you wearing their cammo's in a few of the pics

eva said...

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