05 April 2010

Got Dirt?

We at the Yabanjin homestead have been experimenting with making our own soap. Today's concoction was foaming liquid hand soap that we promptly named "Dirty Hands"! This contains a mild pumice abrasive, a natural dried kelp (kombu) exfoliant, and is scented to smell just like freshly tilled garden soil. It cleans awesome, and the smell lingers just enough after you wash your hands so that you know you put in a hard day's work!

We also created an all-purpose shower gel for the Yabanjin guys with a refreshing but not perfumey smell (no girly-men here!). Mrs Yabanjin also created a silky foaming hand wash for the ladies of the house with a mild Asian plum scent.

It was fun working on a project with the wife, plus it might just save us some hard earned Yen in the process, and could be part of the post-retirement plan...we'll see!

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