09 January 2010

Wild Boar Shepherd's Pie

Wild Boar Shepherd's Pie, prepared for the first time by SK-II. She started with a pound of freshly ground wild boar (15% fat content ) from the Yabanjin's Kaitai Shack and utilized a recipe from our old copy of The LL Bean Game & Fish Cookbook. A few adjustments to the recipe and presto! This is an easy to make, heart-warming, stick to your ribs, healthy meal!

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KenElwood said...

SK-1, Happy new year. Whoa, surprised to see so many new posts here ! Good hunting ! Looks like you've been busy putting lots of stuff together in between hunts, too. I'm really impressed with the joint super-house project and all the hardware you've installed. 3 year rotating supply of firewood huh ? Noice. Mines at 3 as well, just in case :-)

Thanks for the Wild boar recipe. Here's one for a slow morning:

Poached garlic & thyme chicken eggs on the woodstove

1. A dab of olive oil in one heat-safe cup for each egg you want to cook.
2. Add a pinch of minced garlic between the cups.
3. Crack a chicken egg into each cup, and drizzle some more olive oil on the top, and some dried thyme to top it off.
4. Get a pan or bowl just large enough to fit the cups, put a cut-to-size timber in the bottom of it, arrange the cups on the timber, pour water into the pan until it reaches at least halfway up the cups and set the whole thing on the woodstove.
5. It’s done when a white skin forms over the yolk.

Here's my set-up: