07 January 2010

Hara Maki

Hara (Belly) + Maki (Roll Up) = Belly Wrap

The Hara Maki is sort of a sweater for your mid-section, worn by all types of people to keep warm during the cold weather. It also keeps your lower back and kidney areas warm. I have a thin one for my business clothes, a heavy one for outdoor use, and a shiny fancy one just for fun! These were all presents from my wife...hence the issue: Why does she frown then I wear it with just a tee shirt? This style is about as Redneck (Inakamono) as one can get (sorry to embarrass you, Babe!).

To make matters worse, we got one for our daughter, and we are showing them off in this pic!

Like father, like daughter!

SK-1 & SK-3 OUT!

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