30 January 2009

Mushroom Garden

We started our first official mushroom garden!

We "planted" mushroom spore plugs for "Shitake" mushrooms as well as "Nameko" mushrooms. The Shitake should be great on the grill, stir fried, and in nabe (stew). The Nameko are pretty sticky and are excellent in miso soup!

I selected some nice, freshly cut logs from the mountain and began drilling them.

Here is the special drill bit for the mushroom spore plugs:Drill holes about 10cm apart and 3cm deep: Mushroom spore plugs from your nearest home improvement center. We opted for a standard type for our first attempt at growing mushrooms and hope to try more each year.

Plugs covered in mushroom spore:

Pound the plugs in flush:

The logs each have 20 to 30 plugs. I made 100 plugs for each type of mushroom. We watered the logs and staged them in a damp spot behind the storage shed so they get no direct sunlight. We have to keep them horizontal for a few months and then stand them up before the rainy season begins.
I will post pictures as we progress. I am ready to eat mushrooms right now!
SK-1 OUT !!!

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