30 January 2009

Kuromiji Mountain Toothpicks

Handmade toothpicks with a twist...

Kuromiji (also Kuro Momiji, Lindera umbellata, or Black Maple) trees are small trees (less than 3 meters) that grow wild on the edges of forests. They are very expensive as the tree gives off an antiseptic, lemon flavored taste that freshens your breath.

I was making these in the woods today...Oishii !!!
Here are some for sale on the Internet:

KUROMOJI / Wooden Sweet Pick. Due to dry environments, kuromoji may warp. Soak in water and gently bend to reshape before using.
Individual sweet picks 20/box, No. 6 (18cm) $13.00 ,
Chopsticks: Large kuromoji pair; 9 1/2 inches long $6.00, Small kuromoji pair; 8 1/2 inches long $5.00

Of course our toothpicks are not the machine-made, mass-produced items you find anywhere, but hand-crafted, quality toothpicks made from “kuromoji” or spicewood (lindera). Kuromoji is a member of the camphor (linden) family, and besides its fine aroma, it is flexible and hard to break, making it an ideal material for toothpicks.In addition to regular-use toothpicks, we also make toothpicks to use like a fork for eating slices of fruit or Japanese sweets. Depending on the product, toothpicks might be packaged in a wooden box, or individually wrapped in paper, etc.Choose some of our toothpicks for your own personal use, and they make wonderful gift items as well.
Sample prices:
In wooden box
500 yen~
In bag
250 yen~

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