27 December 2011

Papa's Got a New Hunting Rig!

SK-2 just bought me a new hunting rig! (Thanks babe!) It is a Suzuki Jimny, Wide Body, 1,300CC. It has a 4.5 inch lift done by replacing the torsion bar suspension with a racing set, a true LSD read differential, HID headlights, performance exhaust, and it actually has heat and AC, plus it has a radio! I am moving up in the world!
I will post more as I build it into a true hunting rig!
SK-1 OUT!!!


john said...

Nice wheels and great pic of it. A question if you don't mind. Are Nihon Sika known to bugle? I heard what I thought were foxes howling on many occaisions the past fall, then happened upon a youtube vid of a 1000yd Elk shot, and they got him to stand still by bugling, anyway it was exactly the sound I heard last fall. Ever heard it from sika?
Thanks, john e

Anonymous said...

John, Absolutely, Shika do bugle, very similar to Elk. There is a company in New Zealand that makes an electronic caller for "Sika" (the name use in the US, UK and NZ). I have an Elk bugle that I picked up in a hunting store in the US a few years ago and when I hit the right sound, it is just like the Shika I hear and see in the woods near my house (Mount Fuji area).
Rick (SK1)