27 April 2009

Sansai watch: Asatsuki

The warm weather has brought out the Asatsuski! I had to stop on the roadside and check it out!
I foraged a little bit for dinner tonight, then came back the next day and picked enough to transplant and make a row in my garden.Asatsuki is also called Japanese chive. It is similar in flavor to negi and often confused with nira, but Asatsuki has a much milder flavor than both. Besides, anything that grows in the mountain in nature's goodness, and we are lucky enough to forage always tastes better!

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Kevin said...

Isn't it interesting that no matter how much people try to cultivate sansai, with fertilizers to make them fat and juicy looking for sale, in the end, the little ones you pick yourself on the side of the mountain always taste the best?