14 August 2008

Subashiri 5-Gome

Today we (SK-1, SK-2, and SK-3) decided to go to the Mount Fuji Subashiri Climbing Trail Station 5 for lunch. This was SK-3's first visit. Traffic is horrible this time of year due to the Japanese Obon season so our 30 minute drive took 80 minutes! It was worth it though because it was nice and cool, and we had a great lunch!
The entrance of the climbing trail was very busy, due to the nice weather. We paused at the 2,000 meter elevation marker for the obligatory photo then headed in for lunch.
Lunch was at the mountain hut restaurant and souvenir shop called "Yama Goya" (translates appropriately to Mountain Hut). The owner of the shop is an expert in the field of wild mushrooms and has published an official guide to the wild mushrooms of Mount Fuji ("Fuji San No Kinoko-Tachi). He also hand picks mushrooms every morning on the slopes of Mount Fuji, near a point called "Ko-Fuji". The first taste we get is when we are served a cup of hot "Kinoko Cha" (Mushroom Tea). There is no tea, just mushrooms, and it is awesome. We always buy some for the house whenever we visit the Yama Goya.
Lunch was an awesome plate of fresh mushroom cream pasta. This is the very best mushroom cream pasta we have ever eaten, and all our friends agree! Check out the pictures, you can hardly see the pasta because there are so many fresh wild mushrooms!
See you in the woods!

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