14 July 2013

Blogging again...maybe!

A big THANK YOU to all the folks that decide to follow us while we experimented with Facebook and LinkedIn.  We have closed both of those accounts are planning on focusing only on our blogs.
I hope you continue to follow and comment!

Thanks so much!



Anonymous said...

I like your blog and environmental concerns for your country.

I used to be a Hunter Education teacher when I lived in Texas, under supervision of Texas Parks and Wildlife. I am moving to Japan and wonder if they have similar programs here?

I agree with your earlier posts that a combination of hunting and reintroduction of apex predators is an urgent need. If the country is skittish about giving out hunting licenses for safety concerns, is there an exception for archery and/or muzzle loaders? Granted a .50 cal lead ball or broadhead pointed arrow can easily kill a man, the range is much less than modern rifles.
I will be living to the north of you in Aizuwakamatsu and intend to explore the outdoor sports in that region.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I an Dave..I am a typical gaijin...live in Tokyo and Korea..but hail from NZ originally..I have spent about 18 yrs in Japan mainly and some time in Korea. I keenly hunt in NZ and have seen tons of deer across rural Japan and always wanted a crack at them..but seems near impossible.. no way to hunt them?..unless have a J friend with a license. I am not so wealthy as to use an expensive guide, but would pay a fair cost if could find someone to go out with whom has access to the lands and has a rifle he could share if we hunted together legally. Look forward to hear from you Rick..I am on coffeekimchi@gmail.com..Look forward to hear from you..even if just to catch a beer one day!